Re: " Serious trouble over Trademarks "... not anymore.
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Re: " Serious trouble over Trademarks "... not anymore.

> whoever that is in California is in serious trouble, when Chrysler bought 
> the AMC shares and eventually took over the company, they had everything 
> made part of Daimler-Chrysler...someones going to be in serious trouble..
> Charlie

Nope, not true, Charlie. Copyrights and Trademarks have to be "renewed" 
every year, with something like $1,000 each for a SINGLE individual Trademark 
like a single logo, and Chyrsler has let many of the old AMC model names and 
former company names and logos lapse. They are available for renewal by other 
folks, as has happened. I believe Gremlin is still available, in one form, I know 
the Gremlin script is available ( as seen on car hoods and rear quarter 
emblems ). I was researching this a number of months ago, when this discussion came 
up over Trademark useage on the AMC list, and it surprised me how many of the 
former AMC logo's are now lapsed and unrenewed since the early '90's. So if 
you want to put up some money, you can "own" part of the AMC heritage ( for a 
price ). Most of us won't want to spend $1k each year for the privilege, and 
don't have it, but at least we know they are available if you WANT to own the 
name and logo. :) 
And, since they've lapsed, then that means you can have them printed on 
T-shirts to sell and there's NOTHING Chrysler/Daimler can do about it, as 
they've abdicated their interest in it by letting the Trademarks lapse. HAHA HAHA 


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