Re:Gremlintime got " BAGged " poor Moderator...
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Re:Gremlintime got " BAGged " poor Moderator...

 Mostly , Kevin, from what I heard, was that this Gremlintime group was 
gettting a bit wild and flames were flyin', and the moderator wasn't doing 
anything, and hasn't been heard from since??? So a guy created the BAG group, and 
invited everyone over BUT the "alleged" troublemakers...the BAG group was for 
hi-po Gremlins at first, but accepts all members. Guess who the Moderator is, 
and now accepts Chevy motors in Gremlins? It's BART. LOL. He's chilled since 
his "death to non-AMC motor users in Gremlins " days, and seems downright 
"normal" ( normal for a guy who owns a Gremlin, says the guy who owns 8 of them ). 
Anyway, I joined a few months ago, and Gary " The Mix " is there, as well 
as most of the other oldtimers from here. I'd gotten a few personal E's from 
people trying to subscribe to Gremlintime and having no luck, so I told them the 
story, and told them to get BAGged. :) Can't subscribe if the moderator is 
gone, can ya? That was another big reason, as people were trying to get onto the 
Gremlintime list, too, I think and there was no one around keeping it up and 
allowing new members in. So, time to move on. I think Bart is still Subbed to 
this list ( as I've posted here, and he's commented THERE on it, LOL. ). Don't 
be intimidated by the V-8 crowd over there, they're all smoke and little 
traction. LOL. Just kidding. 
Well, that's about as far as I know what happened here, so just thought 
I'd let you know that most of the action is now at BAG. Dang, is there action! 
My email keeps bursting will all the posts over there! Plenty of talk and 
chatter, alot of it technical and pertinent. You're missing out, go try it! At 
least go read the Posts at the Group website at BadAssGremlins. You'll get a feel 
for what's there, and whether you want to make the switch as well. AMC ya, 

Jerry in Virginia
finally saw the headlights...

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