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RE: [gremlintime] Amc Spirit

I pity you..I had an SX4 with a 151 and a 4 speed, POS if you know what I mean..the trans is made by a couple people, Dana makes some of them, and Muncie makes the rest, most likely since yours in the spirit you have the Muncie Trans..not much about it oculd also have one made by Borg-Warner now that I think about it...good luck on your spirit and if you wanna part with your Hornet let me know...

77 Hornet Sportabout X
I lost my Gremmy :-(

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Subject: [gremlintime] Amc Spirit
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i have a spirit with a 151 & a 4 speed. Who makes the tranny and is
it an overdrive?

Thank you,

'77 Gremmy
'73 Hornet Sportabout

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