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Re: Need Info

First, I didn't think the Cassini package was available on anything 
but the Matador. Second, where are you Charlie? There's a Hornet 
wagon here near Salinas, CA that a guy has been telling me about, but 
I don't know what he wants for it. The story is he bought it for his 
daughter and she refused to drive it. It has been sitting for awhile.

Many AMCs including 1976 Gremlin.

--- In gremlintime@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Charlie" <gremlin982003@xxxx> 
> I was doing some research for a Gremlin I am buying and I found 
> it may have been equipped with the Oleg Cassini Package. I would 
> to know more about this and any photos if theres any available.. I 
> also looking for a 1973-77 Hornet Wagon running or not, for my 
> wife..she fell in love with mine and ANYTHINGS better than what she 
> has now....Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Charlie
> 77 Hornet Sportabout X
> 74 Gremlin X
> 74 Gremlin

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