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Re: [gremlintime] Concord to Gremlin Front Sway Bar

Take it all!!!! it all fits. We aren't limited to Hornet Concord parts
either. My front brake system is from a 75 matador, bigger rotors to help
haul down 400 plus hp Gremmie.
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Subject: [gremlintime] Concord to Gremlin Front Sway Bar

I think I know the answer to this but just want some

Can I take the front sway bar from a 79+- Concord D/L
I found and add it to my Gremlin? I'm thinking it's
all the same forward frame. Like I said earlier in
one of the other groups on the disk brakes I found,
it's right there at eye level just begging to be
plucked off the car and reused.


Dallas, TX
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