Concord to Gremlin Front Clip
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Concord to Gremlin Front Clip

I posted this earlier to one of the AMC groups. Pardon me if you've 
read it already! ;-)
I went junkyarding on Saturday for some Gremlin parts.
I was primarily looking for a disk brake set and I
found a 77+- Concord sitting up on top of another car.
Pretty as you please, right there before my eyes
(literally at eye level) was a lovely set of disk
brakes in excellent condition. After a moments debate
as to whether to pull them right then or come back
later, intelligence won out and I removed them before
someone else found them and obsconded with them.

This may be sacrilidge to true Gremlin devotee's (of
which I am nearly one)...but has anyone ever installed
a Concord front clip on their Gremlin? I only ask
because while removing the brakes, I was looking at
this perfect clip, hood and grill of this '77ish
Concord DL. It's a nice looking front end. Think it
would fit on a 72 gremlin? Would that make it a
Gremcord or Conlim? Anyway, what do you think? Would
it work? I'm restoring mine but am not committed that
it go back to stock. Thoughts.

Also, has anyone ever put power windows in their
Gremlin? I saw another concord with power windows.
If I could find a two door Concord with PW, think they
would convert over to the Gremlin?

Dallas, TX
72 Gremlin
72 Custom Cruiser Wagon (freshly restored)
71 Mark III
70 Cadillac Conv

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