Re: Gremlin Door Hinge Bushings??
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Re: Gremlin Door Hinge Bushings??

Below is info from past in the archives CD.

What I have done is to merely remove the hinges and pins and took them to
the parts store.  Napa parts, I think.  Looked in the "Help" parts racks and
then ended up measuring the pin Dia and the diameter for the hinge hole.
Then looked for like measurements on the repair kits packages.  Some came
with new pins. (GM parts, I think).  I did this a couple of times for
different cars.  In one case I could not find the right diameter for the
current hinge hole so I got a larger diameter pin and then drilled the hinge
out to match.

Get the brass bushings and use good lube.  Some drill the hinge and install
a grease fitting.  Much better than original nylon bushings.

It seems like I used set of bushings for a Nissan something or another one
time and a GM set with replacement pins on another. (I think it was a GM
parts kit for my Hornet).

See below for info taken from archives on this...
Ralph Ausmann  -  Hillsboro, OR - > <ralph.ausmann@xxxxxxxxx> ... and "check the links"

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Subject: Gremlin Door Hinge Bushings??

Hi all:

One of our non-List Club members has a Gremlin with very floppy door hinges,
and he wants to do something about them.    Are the hinge bushings and pins
available anywhere??     "Help" section for some other non-AMC car maybe??
Interchange with anything else??    Would they be the same as the
Eagle/Spirit one still available from Mopar??

Thanks in advance for the help.

George Graham
Houston, TX

Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 12:03:10 -0500 (EST)
From: Robert Alpert <alpert@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Hornet/Gremlin/Concord/Spirit/Eagle door hinge parts

Since sagging doors seem to be a common problem on these cars,
thought I'd pass along the following part numbers.  Hinge pins
and bushings are still available through dealers selling Chrysler
products.  A local Dodge dealer actually had these in stock, though
most would probably have to order them:

  Pin hinge: J3615486  ($2.53)
  Bushing:   J3698103  ($1.67)

Each hinge has 1 pin and 2 bushings.

Presumably these hinge parts will fit all AMCs built on the Hornet
chassis.  I don't know if these will fit other AMC cars or not.
(Catalog listing was for '79 Concord, the oldest AMC they had an
entry for.)  For that matter, I specified the front doors on a 4-door
model, and don't know whether these will fit rear doors or 2-door
best to double-check if you need parts for these.

New bushings are now bronze instead of nylon, so they should hopefully
give better service.

     Bob Alpert

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Subject: Re: Some Questions...

In a message dated 98-08-06 09:26:40 EDT, you write:
<< . I have yet to find any in the HELPparts that will work.
 I guess I should put the how to of Hornet/Gremlin/Concord/Spirit/Eagle
 hinge bushings on my website.


There is a universal HELP parts that work, you just have to be willing to
drill the center section of the hinge (the non bushed part) for a bigger
Other  universal kits can be made to work when the hinge itself is showing
some wear.  Just pick one with a bushing radius a little larger than stock
drill it out to make it fit.  So long as your going bigger and not smaller,
lots of things can be made to work.

BTW, I matched up bushings once from a "generic" bushing rack at the local
autoparts store.  Lots cheaper than the ones from chrysler.  Dont bother to
tell them the application, they cant look it up, just bring the hinge and
and match it up.
Jim Bolton

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 09:59:50 -0600
From: Glen Hoag <hoag@xxxxxx>
Subject: Re: sagging doors
At 9:46 AM -0600 3/9/99, Vito veccia wrote:
>The front doors are not in good condition. When I open them, they drop
>down about an inch or so, which may explain why I have to slam them a
>lot harder than the rear doors.  Any body know how to fix this problem?

If you have caught it soon enough, all you need are new bronze hinge
bushings and maybe new hinge pins.  If not, and the pin has worn all the
way through the bushing and deformed the hole in the body side of the
hinge, you may need new hinges as well.  Bushings and pins were still
available from Mopar not long ago.  Someone mentioned on the list that one
of the Help! brand sets from Motormite will fit with a little modification.
Mopar numbers:
J3609194  Bushing
J3683249  Pin

These are the numbers that fit my Pacer.  If I recall correctly, these also
fit the '75 Hornet.  I'll check my parts catalog tonight to verify and let
you know if they're not.
--Glen Hoag

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 10:18:30 -0800 (PST)
From: Great Lakes Classic AMC Club <glcac@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Rebuilding door hinges - REVISITED (PART #'s)

Sorry everyone for the empty posting, my fingers hit
some CTRL key and away it sent!!!

Anyhow, on the subject of worn out hinge pin bushings,
I have 2 part numbers (from Jeep) that will replace the
bushing and the pin for
Spirit/Hornet/Gremlin/Concorde/Eagle doors.  I don't
know if it will work for others as I am not familiar
with their hinges.  The part numbers are listed below:

J3615486 - PIN (2 needed per door)
J3698103 - BUSHING (4 needed per door)

Greg Taylor :)

Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 21:37:59 -0700
From: "John T. Elle" <johnelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Part numbers needed

Towhomit may concern
Hear are the MOPAR  part nrs for hinge pins. I also see them in the
general purpose replacement racks in Car Quest and NAPA autoparts
Hope this helps some one.

Door Hinge Pins MOPAR nr.s
 Bushings and pins were still available from Mopar not long ago. Mopar
J3698103 Bushing $2.00 each, 2 needed per door.
J3615486 - Pin 2 needed per door)Known to fit Pacer and Hornet.

John T Elle Phx Az

Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 01:15:40 -0500
To: amc-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, wblewis@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Part numbers needed

At 9:37 PM -0700 7/7/99, John T. Elle wrote:
>Towhomit may concern
>Hear are the MOPAR  part nrs for hinge pins. I also see them in the
>general purpose replacement racks in Car Quest and NAPA autoparts
>Hope this helps some one.
>Door Hinge Pins MOPAR nr.s
> Bushings and pins were still available from Mopar not long ago. Mopar
>J3698103 Bushing $2.00 each, 2 needed per door.

Two bushings are needed per hinge; four per door.

J3698103 is the heavy-duty bushing used on 77 and later cars (except
77 80-series)

J3609194 fits 76 and earlier and is also used on 77 80-series.  This
bronze bushing also replaces the nylon bushing J3586688 used at least
73/77 on 01-40.

>J3615486 - Pin 2 needed per door)Known to fit Pacer and Hornet.
While this may fit the Pacer, it is not the correct pin.  The correct
Pacer pin is J3683249.

My 73/78 parts catalog lists the following pins and their applications:
J3515464 73/74 70 (Javelin)
          73/78 10-80 (Ambo/Matador) Front (except 16)
          73/78 10-80 (Ambo/Matador) Rear
J3615486 73/78 40 (Gremlin)
          73/78 01 (Hornet/Concord) front
          73/77 05-08 (Hornet 4dr/wagon) (two hinge arrangement)
J3683249 75/78 60 (Pacer)
J3698293 77/78 05-08 (Hornet/Concord 4dr/wagon) (single hinge arrangement)
J8124807 74/78 16 (Matador 2dr) Front
>>John T Elle

--Glen Hoag    hoag@xxxxxx
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