Re: [Amc-list] rust converters
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Re: [Amc-list] rust converters

" From: d stohler <das24rules@xxxxxxxxx>
" has anyone ever used this product called "ospho"??? the guy i rebuild
" tractors for uses it on the 3 point implement equipment on tractors,
" the steps, wheels and all. from what little i have used it and seen
" what it does, it seems to work well. heres a link for the product. has
" phosphoric acid, and dichromate. it fizzes up like peroxide does when
" put on a cut or something. smells horible and hurts the lungs and eyes.
" (that means it MUST be good eh?hehe) 

i haven't, but from a chemistry angle it looks good.  i'd follow it
with a zinc loaded primer like zrc from then
rubberized driveway sealer or bedliner.  i don't know if neoprene
roofing cement actually dries or if it stays sticky.

read whether you follow it or
not, so you know the hazard level you're dealing with.
i was looking for ways to treat the rust on a recent chip in the
tailgate of my gf's cherokee.  that led me to a lot of good into in 

from there i got and
take a look at
these guys seem to have lotsa good stuff/info.
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