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Re: [Amc-list] Fw: Water pump pulley alignment question

James has the pump for a later model AMC. Should be able to get a pulley for any 75-79 V-8 and be okay... possibly 71-74 will work, but I'm not sure. There was a change on the accessory locations in 74, early 74 models have the old style, most will have the newer style. 

Alternately, you could take the new and old pumps to a machine shop and see if they can press the hub back further on the new one. They may not want too, as they could crack the pump impeller. Cutting and shortening then welding the pulley is NOT an option -- too easy to cause an imbalance that will prematurely wear the pump bearings. 

You aren't limited to AMC pulleys. If there is a local salvage yard that will elt you look around take your old pulley, measure the exact distance more you need, then look around. As long as the pulley fits the hub you can redrill it if necessary. You need to make sure you have room under the hood for the fan to move forward that much first, or if there is a spacer that can be eliminated or shortened.

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 19:39:38 -0600
From: "Eddie Stakes" <eddiestakes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

James is having some difficulties lining up his pulleys after putting in new waterpump. If anyone here has any suggestions or comments please feel free to help out and thanks in advance to all who might. Be sure to also copy your reply to James diectly.
Eddie Stakes

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From: Stevens, James 

Subject: Water pump question

I put an aftermarket High volume water pump on my javelin and now the pulley's don't

Align. The new pump puts the pulley about ? inch to the front of the crank pulley. Any suggestions on what to do or what pulley to use to fix this.  Jim Stevens   James_stevens@xxxxxxxxxxx

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