Re: [Amc-list] caspers cancer (was wwyd??)
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Re: [Amc-list] caspers cancer (was wwyd??)

" From: Frank Swygert <farna@xxxxxxx>
" You can clean all that up, prime and paint (or use
" "rust conversion" primer), rivet/bond material over the holes
" (it's not weakening the structure, I'd bond it with urethane
" panel adhesive or epoxy, or better yet use fiberglass), then
" spray on a good thick coat or undercoating.  Paint the inside too
" (or again, better to 'glass over it -- the 'glass will seal it
" much better than paint!).
" []
" Fiberglass rules in rusted areas like these!

there are many different resin chemistries but the most common is
polyester, and be aware -- POLYESTER IS NOT WATERPROOF!!!  water vapor
can 'breathe' right through to the metal.  protecting the metal with
something like ospho first would cut way down on the possibility of
rusting under the 'glass.
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