[Amc-list] Odds and Ends of Progress
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[Amc-list] Odds and Ends of Progress

I sent the vacuum wiper motor from my 65 American to Ficken Wiper Service for a rebuild.  Cost was about $100.  I got it back yesterday and it looks better than new.  I don't know how it works yet.  It will be a couple of weeks before I try to start the car.

Used a new exhaust donut between the manifold and the exhaust pipe when I reassembled it a few days ago.  This donut seems much better that the old cicle of steel/whatever donut which came out of the car.  It has a flange which exactly fits the manifold opening and an asbestos-like coating on the exterior of the exhaust flange mating surface to enhance the sealing with the flanged exhaust pipe.  It's a Dorman part I think.  $5.00 or so at Kragens.

I have been straigtening the front bumper.  The car will be a driver and doesn't "deserve" rechromed bumpers so I am making do with what I have.  I have a HF 12-ton shop press and using various pieces of steel and wood as dollies I have been able to take some bows and creases out of the bumper.  I bought a deoxidizer and polish combo off of the net which cleaned up the chrome quite a bit, but didn't work for anything on the aluminum moldings and lower grille.  

Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish worked well for the moldings except there is still a whitish haze.  I think the moldings will need to be re-anodized or I might paint them silver.  I found a vendor in San Jose who will re-anodize the parts but I don't think the old Rambler is worth it. I didn't get a price, but I expect that the process is expensive. I might just rough them up and paint them.

Joe Fulton
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