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Re: [Amc-list] caspers cancer (was wwyd??)

The under fender stuff is typical, and not that bad. The key thing to do in that area is to head off any further deterioration. You can clean all that up, prime and paint (or use "rust conversion" primer), rivet/bond material over the holes (it's not weakening the structure, I'd bond it with urethane panel adhesive or epoxy, or better yet use fiberglass), then spray on a good thick coat or undercoating. Paint the inside too (or again, better to 'glass over it -- the 'glass will seal it much better than paint!). Or cut it out and weld in new metal.  This is a hidden area though, so I'd tend to "patch" it rather than make a more time consuming "proper" repair. Fiberglass rules in rusted areas like these! 

You could almost do the same (reinforce with fiberglass) to the rails underneath, but that IS structural. You can't easily get to the back side to make sure you've sealed off all the surfaces either, which is absolutely necessary to stop the rust. If not oxygen or moisture can get through to the metal the rusting (oxidizing) will stop. If it's not removed it must be controlled. Mark has the right idea for repairing those, I think -- cut the bottoms out, make u-shaped channels from similar gauge steel (18 gauge, at least that's definitely what a 63 body is made from, I cut one up and measured it all!) then weld them in. Won't hurt if the metal is slightly thicker (say 16 gauge, which may be easier to find).   If you cut the bottom out entirely you could paint the inside before welding, but the welding heat will burn some of the paint off. Better to use the holesaw through the floor above method. Instead of large holes, you could get a rust proofing kit from somewhere like JCW 
 that comes with wands for getting into tight places. 

An old car like this would benefit from something like a Ziebart treatment  -- they drill holes and spray a waxy coating inside rails and rockers, then plug the 1/2"-3/4" holes with a plastic plug. Ziebarting costs $250-$350 depending on location and size of vehicle, then there;s a $50-$60 maintenance inspection every year. If you do it once and forget it, the undercoating could get cracks and peel, trapping water/moisture/dirt between the peeling undercoating and metal, making it rust out even quicker. I guess that's something we all need to do -- look at the old factory undercoating -- it can do the same thing! 

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 18:47:32 -0800 (PST)
From: d stohler <das24rules@xxxxxxxxx>

added more pics to my "caspers cancer" file. got the left front fender off tonight. pretty rusted out under there. its easier to ignore it, than face the fact that its a LOT of work to fix... if it was any other car, i would say forget it, scrap metal. but this car means SO much to me.... i think i will have to get that other car, and see if any of the stuff underneath is any better than this one is.... incase no one read it, this is a follow up of my post yesterday of wwyd?? 

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