Re: [AMC-list] Subject: 1981 Spirit 2-door sedan back window glass/weath
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Re: [AMC-list] Subject: 1981 Spirit 2-door sedan back window glass/weather stripping?

" From: gqrxzy8974@xxxxxxxx
" []
" So far I've found out that while polycarbonate won't likely break upon
" impact it is eventually destroyed by UV (3+ or so years, yellowing
" then cracking) and doesn't like certain chemicals (PVC for one, again
" cracking).  Glass could break... :-(

acrylic isn't as strong or impact resistant as polycarbonate, but it's
uv-hardy and one of the hardest and most scratch resistant plastics.

i vaguely recall hearing of the existence of uv blocking coatings for
these plastics.
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