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Re: [AMC-list] Subject: 1981 Spirit 2-door sedan back window glass/weather stripping?

First (since I haven't seen a reply yet) is that the fit interchange is any
'77 or '78 Gremlin, any year of Spirit Sedan, or any year of the Eagle
Kammback.  Nothing else.

Yes, the window is curved in both directions (like a flat-ish bubble).
Depending on where you measure, laying a straight-edge across the window
edge-to-edge and measuring the "bubble" at the centerpoint, its anywhere
from about 5/8" to 13/16" of bubble.   I just measured my '77 Gremlin to
come up with those numbers.

You can get a weatherstrip from most of the AMC vendors (APD, Kennedy,
Galvin's).   Its not the original style of strip, but its workable.

Have you joined the AMC Eagle's Den Forum and put in a request for a window
yet??   There are some Kammback fans there with some parts stashes.

Good luck with it.

George Graham
Lost in the Texas Hill Country

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Subject: [AMC-list] Subject: 1981 Spirit 2-door sedan back window
glass/weather stripping?

I'm helping Jamie with the back window to her 1981 AMC Spirit 2-door sedan.
So far no glass.  I've got questions...

  window "glass"

Is the back window glass flat or curved (if curved it was slight)?
Could someone with one (or similar) please check this and report...

I'm thinking of getting a replacement made, either out of polycarbonate or
tempered glass.  Polycarbonate could be bent (or just bend) as the bend is
slight (if any) but glass would have to be flat.  Or the bend could be taken
up with thicker weather stripping.

So far I've found out that while polycarbonate won't likely break upon
impact it is eventually destroyed by UV (3+ or so years, yellowing then
cracking) and doesn't like certain chemicals (PVC for one, again cracking).
Glass could break... :-(

Any comments or suggestions?

  weather stripping

What was the weather stripping around the window opening?  Is it available?
What material was it made out of? (type of rubber or PVC?)

I'm looking at something like:

 CRL Black 25' Bulb Trim Seal Catalog Number: ST36A

Thank you

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