Re: [AMC-list] wanted bellhousing for amc audi engine
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Re: [AMC-list] wanted bellhousing for amc audi engine

" From: "Eddie Stakes" <eddiestakes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
" Will below is looking for a bellhousing, which was used several years, if 
" anyone has one or can point him in right direction, please feel free to 
" comment.
" " I'm looking for a bellhousing for the gremlin with the Audi 2.0, 
" do you have one or possibly know of one? syclone0344@xxxxxxxxx "

besides gremlins/spirits, the motor was also used in hornets/concords
and postal jeeps before being sold back to porsche/audi for the 924,
though i think mostly or entirely with auto trans.

i know warner tooled a special trans up for the 2.0; i've long
wondered if the design was also from audi, who used the engine since
at least the late '60s.
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