Re: [AMC-list] wanted 66 rambler american crossmember 232
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Re: [AMC-list] wanted 66 rambler american crossmember 232

" From: "Eddie Stakes" <eddiestakes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
" Ted is looking for a crossmemeber, anyone has one for sale of can point him 
" in right direction please feel free to comment & thanks in advance all who 
" might. "Hello,
" I am looking for a replacement front crossmember for my 66 american, 
" original 232 car.  Can you help?
" Thanks,
" Ted  66ramblinman@xxxxxxxxxxx   "

there was quite some talk a while ago about engine swaps into '64-9
americans, with the conclusion that gremlin/spirit/hornet/concord
crossmembers were if not identical at least a functional fit.
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