Re: [AMC-List] 65 Rambler 990 convertible prototype?
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Re: [AMC-List] 65 Rambler 990 convertible prototype?

Personally, I like the 1978 appraisal that was notarized in 1980. I also 
find it hard to believe that it was appraised at about $8,900 in 1980 (does 
seem reasonable to a little low for a current appraisal). Also, all of the 
big convertibles were 5 passenger so why make a big deal of that? Also, why 
would AMC build a prototype for a 1966 model when 1966 was pretty much the 
same as 1965 with different tail lights and other trim differences? There 
are a lot of inconsistencies between the eBay listing and what's on the 
website for this car. It looks like a nice car but this just smells wrong 
(anyone besides me think all of the handwriting samples look too much alike?).


At 06:56 PM 8/20/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm a little confused at this one. Ok, BOTH. There was 3499 1965 Ambassador
>convertibles produced in 1965. Production would have begun however in August
>1964 for the 1965 line. The build sheets however were usually predated from
>previous year, like for 1968, they would read 67. The VIN on this particular
>vehicle H304761 is not anywhere near beginning of production. I'm curious at
>to what makes it a actual prototype when almost 3500 of them were made I
>(item #330017672177)
>yet this is another 'preproduction prototype' on ebay:
>(item #160021105662 )
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