[AMC-list] 360 Build
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[AMC-list] 360 Build

Well the LS IS an awesome engine,,however,, it's not cheap to build. Not
like the old 350 Chebby, so that puts it closer in price to an AMC build. 

So,, how much power can an AMC 360 make/hold?? Well it CAN make plenty of
HP. In fact it can make TOO much for the block to hold. That's the limiting
factor. 475 seems to be a high end limit with 450 being safer. There are
PLENTY of engine builds/videos on the 360 on the net. Just google "building
AMC 360" and you'll get a long list. There are now reasonably priced forged
rods available and just plan on getting the Edelebrock heads as it just
cost's TOO much to modify the OE cast iron ones. Now get to work !!!

Bruce Hevner

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